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Our Relationship To Food and Salt, Sugar and Fat Addiction

Here we explore our relationship to food. As such, another very important facet of knowledge for considering a plant based diet, whether for a meal or your entire life, is the experience and research of Dr. David Kessler.

This interview is an amazingly honest account from a man who is as aware of our food supply as anyone on earth. Listen to this very interesting and important interview with Dr. David Kessler. He talks about his personal struggles, and his professional life as the two term head of the US FDA. He actually shows scientifically HOW OUR ADDICTION TO SALT, SUGAR AND FAT WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF ALL WESTERN CIVILIZATION!

Please listen to this entire interview, share this link with your friends and support David in his outreach, as it is important to know that science has now proven the source of health AND disease.

David has recently released his latest work, The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite. Here he flat out states, that our current food supply is causing the end of Civilization! Please pick up a copy now, and support this courageous man in spreading the truth.