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Vegan Myths

A Vegan Fusion Exclusive Book For Our Members
“Vegan Myths”Please enjoy this gift for you, “Vegan Myths”, by Bo Rinaldi. Bo has been a vegan since 1960, at the age of twelve adopting a plant based lifestyle. Having healed himself of all that ailed him, he spends a great deal of his life sharing the truths, knowledge, community and recipes he has learned over the years. As a contrast to this work, Bo has heard every argument, debate and propaganda that attempt to deny the truth that a plant based lifestyle can help heal ourselves and heal our planet. Here in Vegan Myths are the top 27 myths Bo has heard over the years.

Inspired by the thousands of people that have debated, argued and brought up every conceivable notion about why a vegan lifestyle is so different and unusal. What is unusual is the people everywhere that do not understand that a path to a better life with perfect health and a more sustainable future for All living beings is created by adopting a plant based lifestyle.

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