Power Smoothie

The Power Smoothie

What is your favorite Power Smoothie? The Power of Smoothies is immediately felt as soon as you drink one. Here is one of our favorite super charged recipes that you can use to feel satisfied immediately. This smoothie is complements from one of our favorite Guest Chefs, Tina Leigh.

Makes:  Approx. 2- 20 oz Servings

1 Apple, quartered
1/2 Cup Fresh or Frozen Pineapple Bits, Mango Cubes, Fresh Banana, Nectarine or Peach
2 Cups Packed with Leafy Greens (kale, spinach, chard, romaine)
1/2 Cucumber, chopped
2 Celery Stalks, chopped
1 Handful Parsley Leaves
1 Handful Cilantro Leaves
1 Lemon, Squeezed In
1 Cup Coconut Water
1 Cup Almond, Hemp or Rice Milk
1 tsp Maple Syrup or 1/4 tsp Stevia
1 Tbs. Chia Seeds (optional)
1 tsp Green Powder of your choice (optional), we like New Greens
1 tsp Blue Green Algae (Optional)
Ice as desired

Put all ingredients except leafy greens, cilantro and parsley into
a VitaMix or other powerful blender and blend until smooth.  Add greens and herbs in batches
until thoroughly combined.  Enjoy!

Please Note
The idea is to make a balanced power smoothie that is easy, tasty and delicious. This one is packed with nutrients and you can use it before the gym or workout, as a meal replacement and even to lose weight. Feel free to substitute items as you wish and as always, please make sure all of your ingredients are ORGANIC and as locally sourced as possible. Creating Green Smoothies are fun and easy and especially important during the summer months, as an easy way to take in whole food phyto nutrients every body loves.