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Cooking Healthy Lessons Online Course with Mark Reinfield and Bo Rinaldi

Review by Pure Gaia

June 18, 2011

Cooking Healthy Lessons online course is for Vegan’s, Vegetarians that wish to go dairy free for a few recipes, and Raw Foodists – as Lesson 8 and 9 is about Raw Food Cuisine – so this would also be great for those transitioning. Mark has an ability to teach cookery in a way that would appeal to all levels from beginners to more experienced:- his teaching style is approachable, enjoyable, friendly, easy to understand – combined with so many “chef secrets” and great understanding regarding the creation of vegan dishes, you will likely learn so many tips and tools of points you had not even considered before. Mark’s pure enjoyment as a chef shines through in all that is offered at Cooking Healthy Lessons online.

When you log in you will see member’s training Navigation. Orientation and Downloads includes your download pdf:- Cooking Healthy Lessons Online Manual (Vegan Fusion Chef Training Manual) of 151 pages of all the techniques, charts and instructions and a large selection of wonderful recipes designed to work alongside the video’s. Next you will see Member’s Training that consists of ten lessons, where you will find instructional videos of recipe demonstrations and written instruction/recipes. Additional materials are included in the Member Bonuses section – here you can find videos and mp3 recordings of various interviews, followed by extra bonuses where you will find individual recipes/recipe books (Waking Up Ebook) and grain/legume cooking charts, recommend resources and support.

Videos are delivered with warmth, clarity and some humour added in for good measure. Currently there is much advice “out there” on Vegan and Raw Food cuisine by people who are not professional chefs, and lack the essential expertise to be able to assist you to take your cuisine to the next level. You will not be disappointed in Mark Reinfield and Bo Rinaldi’s course, as they clearly demonstrate extensive experience as Vegan’s and instinctively know not only what tastes good, but recipes to tantalise the taste buds:- I’m sure they could assist people transitioning from other types of diets, and the food tastes good even to non-vegans! All of the recipes look stunningly delicious, and are the greatest incentive to begin or increase healthy eating. The recipes are often template dishes that you can vary and get highly creative in your kitchen with a myriad of possible suggestions that Mark offers.

Member training consists of ten lessons of clearly and concisely demonstrated videos and a written part of instructions and tips on:-

Toasting nuts, seeds and spices to enhance the flavours. Knife cutting techniques – professional techniques are demonstrated on a myriad of vegetables and herbs. These will prove valuable for everyone from the inspired home cook to those interested in becoming a chef.The liberal use of fresh herbs, rather than dried herbs increases the fresh delightful flavour of the dishes. Advice is given on presentation – from considering foods that will add colour to your dish, through to the final presentation of your dish. And much more…

The Ten Lesson are (preparation and cooking techniques):

Lesson 1 – Vegan Soups – with videos on basic knife cuts and one pot soups.

Lesson 2 – Dressings and salads – with a video on blended dressings.

Lesson 3 – The world of grains and legumes – with a video on Quinoa grilled vegetable salad.

Lesson 4 – Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan dishes – with a videos on Lao Tse’s Kung Pao Tofu and

Lesson 5 – Pasta, casseroles and sauces – with videos on Vegan Cheese (plant based) and Mushroom Gravy.

Lesson 6 – Wraps, sandwiches, spreads, pizza and rolls – with videos on Nori Rolls (raw), Thai Summer Rolls, and Live Pizza (Raw Pizza).

Lesson 7 – Vegan desserts – with videos on Key Lime Mousse and Baklava.

Lesson 8 – Raw cuisine 1: smoothies, pates, pasta and pudding – with videos on The wonders of Raw Food cuisine, Live Pasta, Live Ravioli, and Cookbooks.

Lesson 9 – Raw Cuisine 2: Elixirs, soups, plant cheeses, parfaits and ice cream

Lesson 10 – Raw Cuisine 3: Nut and seed milks, granola, pizza, tacos and cheesecake

For one year membership it costs $97.00 For all the above and frequent new additions throughout the year.

Recipes I tested and enjoyed included: Choco Tacos (Raw), Sour Cream (Raw), Vegan Ranch Dressing, Simple Marinade, Veggie Nori Rolls (Raw), Lemon Dijon Marinade, Presto Manifesto Lasagne, Maple Balsamic Marinade, Asparagus Risotto, Tahini Dressing, Peanut Sauce,  Vegan Mayonnaise, BBQ Grilled Tempeh Sandwich, Cashew Cheese (Raw), Basic nut milk (Raw), and Raw Pizza. I intend also to try the Raw Cheesecake – as I love cheesecake – but only the vegan variety these days!  There are many, many more delicious sounding recipes – something for everyone.

Enjoy your cooking experiences, and you are likely to evolve your cooking to a new level in an easy to understand and enjoyable manner.

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