Hi! I’m Bo Rinaldi . . .

Mark Reinfeld

Please let me take just a minute to tell you my story.  When we sold our Internet Consulting Company in 2000, Star and I did pretty much whatever we wanted as we traveled the world looking for healthy projects to be a part of. That’s when we met Mark Reinfeld, and we began to create the Blossoming Lotus Restaurants and Vegan Fusion Cookbooks together. We met on the Garden Isle of Kauai, Hawaii where he and dozens of our friends began the World Famous Blossoming Lotus Restaurants and together we wrote our incredible cookbooks! It was magical in every sense. Read on as we do our best to show you the keys we have learned for a life of health and harmony with all the knowledge, videos, resources, recipes, science, ancient knowledge and modern wisdom we use daily for ourselves, family and friends. It is easier than you might think to live a life of total health and happiness, and we are here to help you attain the best life ever!

But first, I have much to share with you about my personal path. You see, it started when I was a young man in Southern California, right at the beginning of those exciting and transformational times, known as The Sixties. And so we offer this for Baby Boomers, Young Mothers, Retirees, Health Seekers, Teens, Gen X and all people around the world who are interested in the healthiest life possible!

Bo Rinaldi

  • I discovered a secret when I was 12, that changed my life forever
  • It eradicated all health concerns I ever had, and could ever imagine
  • And it helps me feel young and energetic every day of my life


And from this, I was able to cure myself of asthma and allergies back then by following the tips, tricks, recipes and ideas we are offering for you now.

You See, I Have Had Perfect Health for Over 50 Years, and I Am Now 63!

In 2005, we released the best seller Vegan Fusion which was the winner of Nine International Awards, including a Gourmand Award for Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA! If you happen to look up this book an Amazon.com, it has close to 90 reviews and scores 4.7 out of 5 stars. Dr. Jane Goodall said that this was the best book of its kind ever. Pierce Brosnan asked us to cater his wedding because our food was so fresh, delicious and healthy. Deepak Chopra himself said that by following what we show you in this book you will feel and look better than ever! Good company to be in, but that is just the beginning!

Then we released the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Going Raw. David Wolfe, author of the Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating For Beauty had to say “I love this book! Now we know that raw foods are able to take complete idiots and turn them into total geniuses! Great recipes! Wow!” Thanks for that David.

I also was once called the “Jerry Maguire of Silicon Valley” as I had helped thousands of people live their vision. I was able to help architect and build out companies like Match.com, Citysearch, Etrade, Netflix, NetObjects, GetSmart, Adobe and even Apple Computers. And even though I love technology and know more about the Internet then just about anyone you are going to meet, I feel that there is only one important gift that I can give you today, and that is the secret to a life of perfect health and balance. To me this is the most important information you can have, and it needs to be shared now! The secrets to life’s balance. We decided that more people, just like YOU need to experience perfect health and happiness, with freedom from fear and doubt.

This course is so good that our students line up to pay $1500 each just to attend. We’ve taught chefs, cooks, moms, students, retirees and folks just like yourself.  Now, Mark and Star and I have a Special Offer for you.

This entire course, the one that Mark gives in places like Belize, Hawaii, New York, France and Portland, is being offered ONLINE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. With more bonuses and information than you can imagine, this is our way of showing appreciation for all that life has given us. PLEASE TRY THIS now because we all know it will transform your life forever!

The exact same course that Mark gives in spas, restaurants and retreats around the World, can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. It is all you need, period, as it contains:

  • The complete 22 individual videos as a professional course with many secrets NEVER BEFORE SHOWN anywhere
  • A 194 page manual and cookbook chock full of recipes, tips and secrets you will be amazed by
  • Gifts, resources and treats worth hundreds of dollars
  • Special announcement center with Webinar trainings that feature famous people we work with
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You see, Mark Reinfeld travels the world teaching folks just like you how to thrive just by using the information you will find INSIDE OUR SITE here at Cooking Healthy Lessons.

And if I can do it and Mark can do it, you can too! If Bill Clinton and Steve Wynne can do it so can you. When I met my wife Star Rinaldi, she really needed to experience the benefits of living more healthy, for all the

Star Rinaldi

right reasons. Now she is a personal trainer, model, business owner, master yogi, healer AND Zumba Teacher! Just by following what we are going to show you here, you too can live a healthy AND vibrant life. It is EASY, CHEAP, FUN AND ACCESSIBLE.

And now you can take the same action she took by just joining us at Cooking Healthy Lessons now. You will receive the entire course that Mark uses for our Vegan Fusion classes that he teaches around the world.

Welcome to Cooking Healthy Lessons

You will learn from our Award Winning Executive Chef, Mark Reinfeld, as he shows you the right techniques and dozens of secrets that are only available in our $1500 course and HERE. You will be a MASTER of your own destiny and fate. As Mark says, “The Best Health Care Is Self Care” and he should know after teaching hundreds of people just like you and traveling the world sharing this wisdom with all of his students.

Mark has spent over ten years creating this very special course and we know that it will help you:

  • Eliminate doubt and confusion
  • Attain your optimum health potential
  • Save money while impressing your family and friends
  • To feel better, look better and perform at your peak
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  • To know you are making a positive impact on our planet


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“Mark Reinfeld is on the cutting edge of healthy dining. This is vegan cuisine at its finest!”
Cher, Actress, Musician, Goddess of Pop

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Woody Harrelson, Actor and Activist

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Kris Pollack, Seattle Seahawk and Chiropractor

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Alicia Silverstone, Actress, Author The Kind Diet

They all give us high praise for our Cooking Healthy Lessons because we use the perfect balance of Ancient Methods and Modern Techniques. And we make it so fun and accessible, that even your kids can do it.

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We think it is also the best way to attain optimum health and balance in your life. I know that’s a pretty bold claim, but I know because we have personally assisted thousands of people reclaim their health and happiness. This is one the best ways to empower yourself, to feel great and attain your optimum health and balance.

Do something that is easy and accessible and that actually saves you money! DO IT FOR YOUR KIDS, DO IT FOR YOUR FUTURE AND DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

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“I cannot put a value on this training. It has and will touch and change every part of my life for the better.
Lisa Ward

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Connie Loveland

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Aki Morita

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Sierra Modro

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“I try to make what I do accessible for anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle. You have heard about vegan foods, now you can learn from a pro how to prepare world class dishes easily, inexpensively and with confidence, just by joining us here now”. Mark Reinfeld, Executive Chef, Blossoming Lotus

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  • The Best Health Care Is Self Care
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Pretty cool, eh? And that is just the beginning. Come see what you have in common with Ellen Degeneres, Christie Brinkley, Alicia Silverstone, Jenny McCarthy, Shania Twain and Us! We look forward to seeing you on the inside where we will share what we know so you can feel and look your best forevermore!


Hawaii Vegan Fusion Training


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PS We put together a special bonus video page you can get a sneak peek at here